Trusted Air Conditioning Installation in Salem

Carrier-AC_System-1Jet Industries is a heating and cooling company that offers air conditioning installation services to Salem and the surrounding areas. With a long history of meeting the needs of the Salem area residents, we know the importance for customers to have a basic knowledge of what homeowners should look for when purchasing a new HVAC system.

You do not need to have any real technical knowledge during the decision phase of your new system, but the importance of buying the right system cannot be underestimated. The last thing you want to happen is that you made a decision to buy a particular make and model only to discover it is not what your home needs.

A Quick AC Install Checklist

There are always two kinds of questions you can ask – the kind that you ask because you do not know something, and the kind you ask to clarify something. When it comes to new HVAC systems you do not need to ask technical questions, but there are a number of questions you can ask during your shopping that will help you get a better handle on what system is right for you.


  • does the entire system need replacing or only certain parts of the system?
  • what is the right size for my home?
  • what are the advantages to an Energy Star rated system?
  • should I use the same company to install the system as the one I purchased it from?

Warranties and Contracts

dog-family-rugEvery new investment in your home – and your new HVAC system is an investment – should also come with equipment protection and service maintenance agreements. But there is more to these expected services than simply accounting for problems with the manufacturing and installation processes.

Complete Services:

  • check for available discounts from preferred manufacturers
  • find out if extended warranties are available
  • be sure to get the best preventive maintenance agreement possible with the installing company

Once you have done your basic homework you can proceed to ask the right questions to both the company that is selling you the equipment and the company you choose to install it.

An Experienced AC Service Company

Jet Industries has a proven history of providing installation and repair services to the community for three decades. When it comes to AC installation in Salem or any other air conditioning service, you will not find any better. We are prepared to answer all of your questions and make Jet Industries your long term choice as an AC installation and repair company for years to come. Call us to schedule an appointment and help you make the right decisions for you and your family.