Scheduling HVAC Maintenance

Carrier-AC_System-1With the beginning of the month of July comes the beginning of new state budgets for many states. But what about your own home and budget? With the hot weather comes the expense of having to spend more to keep your home cool. As a leading provider of AC maintenance service in Salem Jet Industries knows how important reducing air conditioning costs can be for residents to have a HVAC Tuneup in Salem.

Whether or not you are currently searching for a dependable HVAC company to perform general repairs and maintenance on your system, you can call Jet Industries and arrange for a service technician to come to your home and discuss the advantages of a preventive maintenance agreement.

Bottom Line Budgeting

We have more than three decades of experience working with customers to keep their HVAC systems up and running. We know how expensive it can be to continually run systems that are not properly maintained. But the focus is on the customer, and there is a bottom line to consider for every home budget directly related to energy costs. We are prepared to help you lower that number in several ways.

  • determining if repair or replacement is your best option
  • giving you simple advice on how to keep your system at maximum efficiency
  • showing you how a preventive maintenance agreement will help save you money now and in the future
  • easy ways to lower your home cooling costs at little or no cost

Some Minor Ways To Make a Major Difference

Here are a few examples of the minor changes you can make in your home that can add up to significant savings over time. They can be done by anyone, not just the technically inclined or do-it-yourselfers.

  • adjust your thermostat down slightly, especially when the house is empty
  • periodically clean your air filters
  • ask us about how zoning your home environment can save you money all during the year

When one of our service technicians comes to your home, ask them to help you discover other ways to save money on your cooling costs.

How to Choose The Best Service Company

btn-contactusThe need for AC maintenance service in Salem rises as the temperature rises. Jet Industries knows how important it is to keep air conditioning costs low by making sure customers have an HVAC Tuneup in Salem, OR.

A quality service company should always see the best interests of the customer. That comes through experience – and we have plenty of it. But more than experience, we are invested in saving every customer money by reducing their energy bills. So whether it is mid-summer or mid-winter, your HVAC system needs to be working at its best.