Does your air conditioner seem to be running, but not actually working?

If your air conditioner stops working, it’s better to fix it right away than to push it off. Regular maintenance and fixing smaller problems immediately can help you avoid bigger issues in the future. There are a few common problems your AC system might run into.

Air Stops Flowing

The first common problem we hear about is when the air conditioner is on, but no air is blowing through the vents. This may be an issue with the fan or fan motor. The fan’s purpose is to pull in air over the evaporator coils and then recirculate the air into the room. When this process stops working, the evaporator coils will become too cold and may form ice in your air conditioner.

Jet Heating can help. Contact us to inspect your fan system and find out if the fan and/or fan motor are damaged. We may recommend replacing these parts so your air conditioner will run smoothly again.

Air Conditioner Stops Cooling

If the air coming out of your air conditioner isn’t cool or stops cooling while it’s on, there may be a few explanations.

  • The air might be blocked by your air filter
  • Your circuit breaker may have tripped
  • The refrigerant pressure may be low
  • Your air ducts may be leaking

If you’re unsure about an issue or think something might not be working, contact us.

Air Flow Slows Down

If you still have cool air but you notice it’s blowing slowly, contact a professional at Jet Heating. The drain line could be affected or clogged, which means excess water vapor is not draining like it should. A blocked drain line could be caused by incorrectly installed pipes or an accumulation of dirt. These blockages could also cause more problems in the future. However, regular AC maintenance can help prevent this issue. Contact us to schedule.

AC System Makes Weird Noises

Finally, AC systems may make weird noises when something is not working properly. These noises should be checked out right away. Different noises could mean different things: whistling could be an air leak, gurgling could be a refrigerant leak, and grinding could be damaged parts. Contact Jet Heating as soon as you hear these noises, and we will come diagnose the problem for you.

We Can Help

Many air conditioning issues can be avoided with regular maintenance, but the problems mentioned above may need immediate attention. Call Jet Heating today if you think you might have a problem with your air conditioning system.