What is Carrier® Ductless? Simply put, Carrier lets you go more places. For those who don’t have the space for ducts, or who want to remedy specific heating or cooling issues, Carrier Ductless is engineered to provide high-end comfort and efficiency to suit any need.

Any room in your home can become a comfortable space that’s all your own with our newest Carrier® Ductless System. There’s simply nothing more efficient, with controls you can set with your smartphone; filters for cleaner, fresher air; and humidity settings that are easy to adjust.It’s just one more way Carrier helps make you comfortable. However you define it.

  • Ideal for tight spaces or to remedy problem areas
  • Utilizes two units—one inside, one outside, connected by a strand of wires and refrigerant line
  • Provides high-end comfort and efficiency for any need

Our single zone ductless systems are comprised of two units. A low profile air handler is installed inside your home, and is connected to an outdoor unit through a simple strand of wires and refrigerant line.This setup eliminates the need for ducts and allows you to put comfort exactly where you need it.

Our multi-zone ductless systems work in the sameway, only with multiple indoor units per outdoor unit.These systems allow comfort control in up to 9 rooms for Infinity® models and up to 5 rooms for Performance™ models.

Perfect solution for:

  • Hot or cold rooms
  • Sunrooms
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Room additions

Leaving no stone unturned in the search for more comfort, Carrier® Ductless provides that comfort in more ways than one. It begins with Extreme Comfort Performance, which enables heating down to -22 degrees and cooling up to 130 degrees. With performance like that, it’s easy to imagine the ideal comfort it will give you on a daily basis. Carrier® Ductless systems are ENERGY STAR® rated, so you can have peace of mind,along with the product tiers to match your budget.

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