Is Your HVAC System Really Important To You?

Carrier_furnaceIt may seem like the answer to the question would be “of course!” but actions speak louder than words. As a company that is considered by many as the best Salem Heating Company in the area, providing furnace maintenance to Salem, OR residents, we are always learning about the needs and requirements of our existing and future customers.

Your HVAC system may not be properly maintained because both homeowners and businesses alike ignore how important it really is– until it breaks down. Then your HVAC system becomes a critical part of your life – especially during the hottest and coldest days of the year – and you take notice.

Overlooked Potential Problems

If a comparison is made, HVAC systems don’t get the same attention as a person’s car, even though they both are depended on almost every day of the year. A likely reason is that HVAC systems are built very well, and if installed properly can be left to take care of themselves. In fact, owners expect HVAC systems to run properly. The problem with that reality is where the problems begin.

Minor issues can lead to major problems:

  • clogged air filters
  • uncommon noises that if ignored hide a mechanical part in need of repair
  • unidentified odors from an unidentified source
  • seeing slightly higher monthly energy bills

Then The HVAC Becomes Important

dog-family-couchThe above problems are often the time owners pick up the phone and call for HVAC repair services. Yet many, if not all of those problems if addressed early will save you time and money on repair costs. The truth seems to be that if you took care of your HVAC system the same way you took care of your car, your unit would almost never require an emergency repair call.

There are several ways owners can maintain their HVAC systems for little or no cost and have a system that runs very well throughout the year.

  • checking on and cleaning air filters periodically
  • checking your energy bills for any unexplained rises
  • coordinating with your service provider and get a preventive maintenance agreement

Your car and HVAC system are both important to you, so looking after both will save you lots of money in repair costs if you fix the minor problems before they become major ones.

Take the First Steps To Make Your HVAC Important

With more than 3 decades of experience, we know the importance of a quality and well-maintained HVAC system. We also know that reliability can put you to sleep when it comes to paying attention to its maintenance. They are easy to ignore and almost never seen – and rarely heard. Jet Industries is the solution to the problem.

Jet Industries Heating Company is in your area, providing furnace maintenance to Salem, Oregon residents. Call us to arrange a preventive maintenance agreement that will let you go about your business and let us make sure your system gets the attention it deserves.