A Complete Package

When HVAC companies tell you About Us they usually give you their history about how the company was formed, how long it has been in business, etc. This is useful information to some degree, but Jet Industries wants you to know above all that we have a long term commitment to the satisfaction of each and every customer. Why? Because that is really what we are about and a key reason why we are the Best Rated HVAC Company in Salem, Oregon.


One major factor that separates the best companies from the good is their ability to build customer relationships. Customers can choose which HVAC service company to use, and Jet Industries has a reputation of taking care of their customers. Many companies are able to provide quality technical service, and Jet Industries exceeds your expectations. The difference is in how we prioritize our customers.

Building A Relationship With Your HVAC Service Company

Once you choose your HVAC service company, it is important to work with them to get the best service possible. Over time you will smooth out any differences and resolves the problems that will be the foundation of a long term business relationship.

Beyond the obvious advantages, there are other benefits when making the decision to stay with a quality HVAC company:

  • your HVAC company will know your system inside and out
  • service technicians that visits your home are trustworthy and familiar
  • a high level of confidence will result from knowing the job will be done right
  • the price you pay for HVAC services will be fair and consistent

A Time for New Installations

An essential part of customer service is knowing when to tell the customer it is in their best interests to move on – and up. This is true of telling our customers that their current system needs to be replaced because it will save them money in the long term. Jet Industries will help you select the best system for your home and install it so you don’t have to shop around for the best deal.

But we provide even more than installation and service.

  • around the clock support so we will be there when you need us
  • Indoor Air Quality assessment to improve your home environment
  • preventive maintenance agreement options that can be structured according to your needs

Our Vision

To create excellent experiences through steadfast ethics and performance.

Start By Giving Us A Call

You can begin to organize your HVAC world around the center of the Best Rated HVAC Company in Salem, Oregon. – Jet Industries. There is a reason we are a number one choice for many residents of the area, and why we have such a long history of customer satisfaction. To know About Us you need to get to know us. Call us today.